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Multi-national corporations have recently become very difficult to succeed in competition market, as they are so precautious and vigilant in all their transactions. Our broad knowledge of commercial laws and company acts has allowed us on the international level to found companies and corporations, which they in turn helped our clients prove their effective presence in the competitive markets. In this regard, our AG services include the following:• Advise on all forms of incorporation and reorganization of companies, as per the laws applicable in the Middle East region and also commence and follow up all incorporation procedures.• Advise on formation of board of directors, the rights and obligations of company directors, including control, credit duties, code of conduct, compensations and some other relevant issues.• Advise on legislative and organizational initiatives or polices that affect the government sector, including continuous changes in regulations and laws.• Advise on capital management, including the rules for conveyance and transfer of capitals and all relevant transactions.• Advise on disputes that might arise among partners in respect of implementation and termination of partnership contracts.• Advise on developing the strategy for avoiding occurrence of crises.• Amalgamation and Reorganization Processes: Whereas, AG amassed knowledge and experience in advising clients on developing their businesses, we advise our clients on issues relating to restructuring from a long - term perspective.We regularly advise to reorganize and list companies in money market, and are also experienced in transfer of sole proprietorships to listed companies.• Partnership Contracts: Our lawyers are skilled in dealing with all issues relating to joint ventures and alliances with companies, which usually requires a deep study of proposals and taking interest in audits and reviews required.Moreover, our teamwork has been mindful of the accurate requirements for those transactions and ensured completion of all requirements before execution of commercial arrangements between the parties.• In this regard, we also take into account all aspects of contractual obligations, ensuing from partnership contracts.We believe that the basis for successful joint ventures lies in proper restructuring and also in ensuring that all objectives are achieved up to maximum level possible. • We also negotiate through borders as most of the times required by partnership contracts and strategic alliances, and be assured that all related operations are covered by our side.• Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies: Our teamwork is experienced in dealing with lawsuits on dissolution and liquidation of companies, in particular that at hard times of economic crises; operation becomes more difficult and complicated. If a company can not reach a solution for financial difficulties, we study fears in privacy and make clients fully aware of the challenges and difficulties.Further, we give advice wherever needed to save, and re - restructure companies and help them back to profit once again.In this course we endeavor to find acceptable solutions from all parties.