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Banking works require accuracy and privacy to maintain the rights of clients and legally protect them. Therefore, AG has supported its teamwork with distinctive efficient, well-informed consultants or advisors in banking business. Moreover, financing matters have for long been dealt with internationally, as money easily moves from one country to another for all civilizations, that have used gold and silver currencies for ages. By the passage of time, money has transformed into its natural state through cancelling border obstructions against capitals. It is now dealt with worldwide. Our services in banking transactions cover the following:• Provide legal advice to foreign banks on opening branches in the Kuwaiti market after having made amendments to Banking Laws of 2004.• Funding Assets: We deal with lending operations secured by capitals and assets, keep secret and confidential personal, real estate or intellectual property, as well as, secondary debts and arrangements among creditors and other important issues relating to assets secured loans.• We also provide advice and consultations; lay down strategies on issues relating to insolvent asset - secured loans, based on our past several years experience in the scope of dissolution and liquidation of companies, debtor's liability lawsuits, troubled financial conditions, and force majeure events. We always have solutions for fraudulent transfers, credit facilities structuring, and negotiation. We have got experience in arranging securing documents and can also represent debtors and creditors in negotiating processes and commercial loans authentication through our vast past experience in this area.• Islamic Funding: Islamic funding has been widely popular to all. It has a special and common nature and is various, particularly in the Middle East region. We endeavor to present our legal and consulting services in this area, which includes preparing and reviewing investment agencies, murabahat, Lease, industrializing, partnership, speculation and joint liability contracts, processing incorporation of Islamic banks, investment and funding companies. Further, we also undertake judicial allegations and ensuing claims relating to banking operations and works in general