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Intellectual property is a human thought product of innovations, including inventions, designs, trademarks, songs, letters, codes and names. Rights to Intellectual Property do not vary from rights to other property. Intellectual property enables the owner of right to benefit in different ways from his work, which was just an idea then crystalized in a form of product. The owner shall have the right to prevent others from dealing with his property without obtaining his prior permission. In case of infringement on his rights, he shall also have the right to sue them, stop that infringement or move for compensation due to damage sustained by owner. In this concern, AG shall provide legal assistance on the following:• Companies shall acquire intellectual property rights first, before they get benefit from intellectual property's assets.There is a number of intellectual property rights that should be granted or registered.Procedures for acquisition and maintenance of those rights vary from one country to another.Here comes our turn to register the trademarks and intellectuals rights.• Advise on temporary use and limits of such rights and the rights to transfer and license.• Attend contractual negotiations to provide legal points of view with regard to the best choice of methods for resolution of disputes consistently with the nature of activity.• Follow up any infringement on such rights, legally resist any infringement on them and claim compensations for ensuing damages.