Service Details


AG has the experience and ability enabling us to provide support and advice on the aspects pertinent to commercial agencies and franchise agreements. In this area, our services include:• We provide consultations to our clients in the negotiating stage and in the stage of legally drafting the related contractual documents.We also study commercial agency agreements before entry into contract to verify that the trade - name is not included in the records of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.We preserve all rights to brand name, follow up and complete processing authentication, registration and publication of corporate, agency and trademarks agreement contracts, according to proper legal processes, provided our aim is always to find best solutions possible for our clients who seek to extend their scope of work all over the country and in the new markets.• Draft contracts in ICC style.• Provide scientific and legal advice on everything relating franchise agreements and commercial representation.Franchise agreements require extensive legal, practical and commercial experience.It goes back to the fact that the commercial contract was created by US businessmen in the twentieth century, specifically in the second half thereof, but it remained unidentified.Consequently, the legal systems of different countries went to construe and apply the commercial contract in conformity with their respective national statutes.Therefore, international organizations attempted to find an identification and a disciplined legal system for this contract due to the high importance it has got, particularly after the emergence of World Trade Organization.Among these organizations comes the International Institute for Consolidation of UN Private Law Rules, which prepared a Study on this contract in 1986.The State of Kuwait is an emerging market where no specific statute on franchise agreements is available.